Southeast Energy Resources, LLC

           Mailing Address: 164 Market Street, Suite 116 Charleston, SC 29401









"Harvesting Renewable Energy"




Why Southeast Energy Resources?


-With 38+ years in the solar installation business and 40+ years in the building industry, Southeast Energy Resources, LLC has the expertise to properly take your solar installation from the conception to functional installation. Because of an expertise in both solar and building, we can foresee potential problems and simply avoid them.


-With a slim supply chain and a large network of professionals, we can pass our cost savings on to you, which lowers your cost basis and quickens the time it takes to fully recoup your initial costs.


-With a network of associates across the state of South Carolina and the country, Southeast Energy Resources, LLC is not simply limited to one city or even South Carolina. Though located in Charleston, SC, we can take our experience into neighboring states.