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Why Solar? Why Now?


1. Federal - 30% tax credit* of solar installation costs

a. In 2011, for depreciable property, the federal government offers a cash rebate program called the Section 1603 grant program in which the federal government will convert your tax credits into a rebate check.

b. Visit for more information and consult your tax professional

2. State - 25% tax credit* (for SC) of solar installation costs

a. Credit can be taken over 10 years, up to $3500 per year

b. For your state's incentives, visit for more information and consult your tax professional.

Reduction in carbon footprint through environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy use

Reduction in the effect of rising energy costs / cost control against inflation

Protection against power outages with battery backups

Option to completely withdraw from the electric grid

Add value to your home for resale purposes

Prolong the life of your roof

Potentially sell renewable energy certificates (RECs)

Potentially make money / account credits through "selling" excess power to the electric company

* Credit is a dollar-for-dollar offset against liability, which is generally much more favorable than a deduction

** Solar installation includes the equipment costs as well as the labor